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Thai Cuisine

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Amazingly enough, about three months ago was my first time having Thai food. And I was...just stunned...

It was incredible and I can't believe I've gone 16 years without it! I really think it is something I want to get into a bit more, however...I hardly know anything about Thai cuisine.

Can anyone educate me?

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Here is a very lovely and informative website---


the author is amazing, read her mini biography.

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I've had this site saved for a few years now. Good recipes and lots of cool photo's of Thai people, their food, etc..
This is where I learned there was such a thing as Galanga, Thai basil, Kaffir lime leaves, Tamarind, Fish sauce and palm sugar! Who ever knew you could buy little hard disc's of sugar!! :suprise:
The first thing I made from here was the red curry paste with my new granite Thai mortar and pestle!! Just had to have one of those cause I wanted to make my paste the true Thai way!! :lol:

Here's the link.. Enjoy!

Lawrence Wheeler's Thailand Index Page with recipes, pictures, mexican food, motorcycles, travel information.
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On the subject of Thai food - if anyone knows - is there anything really so special about kaffir lime leaves? I live in Los Angeles, & can probably find them fresh without too much trouble, but would I be able to tell the difference in flavor between a curry made with kaffir lime leaves & one made with a couple of leaves from the local lemon tree?
The genesis of all the world's great cuisines can be summed up in a four word English phrase: Don't throw that away.
The genesis of all the world's great cuisines can be summed up in a four word English phrase: Don't throw that away.
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Thai cooking videos and recipes

My family made some Thai cooking videos that you can watch at
Thai Cooking "Videos". Online recipes you can watch
There's ingredients list, along with step by step cooking instructions.
for about 30 popular Thai dishes.
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Yes, there is a difference. If you can get the kaffir lime leaves, by all means do so. Regular lime leaves would be a second choice.

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Thai food

Thai cuisine is divided in 4 kinds according to the region ( North, East, Central and South) Thai cuisine is influened by Chiness and Indien cuisine, Salty and sweet like in chiness food but spicy and having many herbe and spices like indien food.

enjoy krab!
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Congrats on trying Thai food, only now unfortunately you know the difference.

I find even around where I live, most Thai restaurants make their food two ways:

1. Farang style, which is kind of foreigner-friendly and less tasty (and with nearly no spicyness).
2. Thai or Laotian style. This is the best, but it usually takes some insisting to the waiter/waiteress/cooks. It helps to know how to speak Thai.

It is worth the hassle though to eat it Thai style.

egeefay, I didn't realize thaifoodtonight.com is from your family. Thank you for that link. The recipes have been great and it is one of my most valuable links for good Thai food recipes. Oh, is Dim planning on releasing a video on how to make Pla Choo Chee (whole fish with curried stew)?
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