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Bocca di Dama

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I posted this yesterday in the recipes section, and I'm wodering if this might not be the better place to post the request.

Yesterday I had a leftover piece of Bocca di Dama made with matzoh meal instead of the more traditional flour. There seem to be quite a few Bocca recipes on the net, but they are for the sweeter flour based versions. Does anyone have a recipe for a matzoh meal version? I believe Joyce Goldstein has such a recipe in one of her cookbooks, but I can't locate that book here since I moved ... <sigh>

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Hi Shel,

Here's Joyce Goldstein's recipe, but this one contains flour, not matzo.. Thought you might want to look it over anyway.. Her matzoh version is supposedly in the book mention here, but I had no luck finding it..

Yom Kippur Almond Sponge Cake | ajc.com

Also, here's a passover substitution page for you. So, you could replace the flour in Joyce Goldstein's recipe with matzo cake meal or potato starch and see how that works! :D

Manischewitz - Lotza Ways to Eat Your Matzo
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Thanks. I found the page earlier and just got around to looking at it more carefully. It looks to be pretty close to the ingredient list I found for the Bocca di Dama I had last week or so. The substitution page will be helpful - that's the big bonus! Thanks,

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