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hood for a gas range

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I will have a 30" Bosch gas range in my new kitchen. I have read that having a 36" hood over a 30" range is a better idea than a 30" hood. Any opinions?

Also, for a range that will get a lot of use- mostly sauteing, stirfrying, etc as opposed to deep fat frying, how powerful of a hood do I need? I was under the impression from a friend who worked in a restaurant that I'd need at least 750-1000 CFM, but I'm mot sure he realizes that most of the budget "home" models are 250-400CFM, with a few at 600CFM. I'd like to keep the price of a hood under $600, if possible, but not sacrifice function.


I should add that I'm looking for an under-cabinet stainless steel updraft/ducted unit.
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I have a 36" Bosch with a 42" Gaggenau exhaust hood. I went with the wider and more powerful unit and have not been sorry. Bought mine on E-Bay for less than a thousand dollars.

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