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Shroomgirl please save me!

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From Hannibal MO. Going to St. Louis this weekend, maybe... :)
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from a thread written a few weeks ago...Stellina Pasta is very kid friendly.
I'm going to Morel Madness, Friday-Sunday afternoon.....I'm cooking Sun. breakfast at Cuivre River Park for 35 morel this is one NOT to miss. The park is about an hour from STL and gorgeous. If you're into wild shrooms at all come join us. There are morel speakers on Sat. night. We're sleeping in bunkhouse meant for scouts....oh boy.....but all in all I would not wanna be anywhere else. This should be an outstanding morel year.
e-mail me and I'll send you my cell number....though last weekend we were in the hills and there was no stupid reception, I lost out on a party :( bummmmer. After Hannibal STL will be a treat. OK, if you have your kiddo there is the Magic house in Kirkwood, absolutely a killer kids museum with a lot for little guys. City Museum is more for bigger kids. The zoo, science center, art and history museums are is the ARCH museum downtown. HOW cool is that? It's so beautiful today. Tomorrow (Wed.) I have to do Safe Serve....yes every friggin'5 years I have to remember not to pick my nose while I cook. Thurs. I'm in the kitchen cooking for a PC client through the AM and mid-afternoon. I'm in tonight.
Breakfast is a tough one, one of my food writer friends says Rooster in downtown is good.

Pho Long, Olive and 170 in the Nobu shopping center has incredible pho open 7 days lunch and dinner.....Nobu is great sushi, open for lunch

Riddles Penultimate on Delmar in the Loop has great local food and the best wine list in town, probably 20 wines by the glass. Kinda funky....they have a band several times a week. kid friendly

Niche for "cool" interesting food.....prixe fix around $35 for 3 course.....if gnocchi is on the menu get it. Matthew Rice the pastry chef is phenominal.

Fine dining on a budget. Larry Forgione's American Place 9th and Washington downtown across from the Convention Center has a Prixe fix for under $30 if you eat before 6:00 (or 6:30?) and a few bucks more for later dining. This is a really gorgeous room.

Dubliner has killer Guinness and their charcuterie is made in house. (pass on the fish) 11th and Washington.

Atlas, good eats most entrees with sides (veg/starch) in the teens. On Pershing by the History Museum sorta. dinner only.

Balabans just reopened, the chef is wonderful....CWE open 7 days....lunch/dinner. alittle pricier than the others for dinner.

I've not been but Five is supposed to be good, it's in a rough for lunch/dinner....across the street is my fav. cafeteria, Sweetie Pie's.....oh man, the owner is from Mississippi and the food is GREAT!!!! mac and cheese exemplary, buttermilk cornbread ditto, fried chicken wings....I have no idea how they stay so crisp and big.....desserts are not good....pass on them.

Thousands of natives love Ted Drewe's custard, I live 8 blks from it and never stop.....doesn't do it for me but hey, it's an institution Chippewa at Jamieson.

Stellina Pasta, Mon-Sat. great eats.....local scratch huge pasta made in house, sandwiches, salads, great desserts....small dining room but worth the visit on Watson near Fyler. They close lunch and dinner.

Funky food shops to explore if you're into that>
1) Soulard Farmer's Market on 7th and Broadway Sat. mornings is a brats are on the southside of the market in the middle....
Actually Franco's is across the street and has great for lunch on Sat. they serve good's new and hip design.

2) Jay's on South Grand......Ethnic market at it's best, I've visited grocery stores around the country.....this one is a true gem.

3) G & W .....REAL GERMAN BUTCHER.....they close at 3pm on Sat. if it's busy they'll ask if you want a free beer while you wait. Liverwurst is phenominal, as are most of the sausages.

4) Volpi on the Hill.....Fun, hole in the wall store front.....some of the best Italian charcuterie in the nation. They also have abbreviated hours.

If you're bringing kids STL has incredible places to visit, actually the City Museum is pretty exciting for adults too.

Crown Candy Kitchen....ok, bizarre throw back in questionable neighborhood...North STL on St. Louis Street.....known for their ice cream sundaes and malts....really good, old timey, actually they've not redecorated in 60 years, busy all the time but the tables turn rapidly. BLT has at least 12 pieces of bacon.....if they'd only use mayo instead of Mircle Whip.....

There's always a brewery tour, AB and Schlafly.....and of course there are a whole lot of wineries around STL. Let me know where you decided to go and how it was would you?
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Kuan, stop in at Viviano's on the Hill (an Italian market) if you're at Volpi's Market. Also, another good market (on the Hill) is Urzi's Market (he makes the best, real Italian sausage). If you stop in at Viviano's stop in and ask for Johnny (he's my cousin) and he can tell you where to find the best Italian food around. Viviano's, Volpi's and Urzi's are all on the Hill in about a 2 mile radius.

Also, if you have the kids with you...St. Louis Zoo is one of the finest zoo's in the country and worth the trip!!
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