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Red Pepper Sauce/How to make it

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Hello Everyone,

My husband and I went out for dinner the other night and I had Crab Cakes with a Red Pepper sauce. The sauce was absolutely phenomenal and I was wondering if any of you fine people:chef: could tell me how to make this. Thanks in advance.

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Just do a search on yahoo or google for roasted red bell pepper coulis. There are infinite ways as to how it can be prepared. Coulis just means pureed and unstrained in this bell peppers. What I usually do is make a beurre blanc then mix in the roasted bell peppers.
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If it was a Red Pepper Coulis, take about 4 Red Bell Peppers and roast them over a gas flame, turning occasionally until the skin is black. Stick them into a paper sack and shut it up for a few minutes.

You should be able to peel the blackened skin off quickly. Rough chop them, put them into a food processor with two cloves of raw fresh garlic, maybe 1/4 c of EVOO, and S&P to taste.

Should come out pretty good, but there are a lot of recipes on the internet.

Use your google to type in "Roasted Red Pepper Coulis recipe".

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Thank You

Hi deltadoc,

Thanks so much for responding to my post. I never really liked red peppers all that much but this was awesome. I have what my husband calls a "texture thing" and I guess he is correct because I loved this sace but I can't stand the feel of raw peppers in my mouth.

Thanks Again,
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If I might add one thing to Deltadoc's method - don't forget to remove the seed pod and veins from inside the pepper before it goes in the blender/processor.

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Heres how we have done it at my place of employment.

Option #1

Make a veloute (light stock, possibly chicken, thickend with a roux, flour & butter) and puree as much red pepper as desired into it. Strain, season appropriately. This is how we make it for banquets, it is a great sauce considered how simple it is.

Option #2

Use bechamel (milk thickened with a roux, flour & butter) instead of chicken stock. Finish with a little grated parmesan if you desire.

For both options be sure to cook out the flour. Take a little spoonful, if it is grainy or tastes like flour, cook it a little longer.
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You can cook the roux in the oven to speed up the process.
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Put roasted red peppers in a pan with garlic and shollots cover with a good white wine and heavy cream let simmer until almost all the liguid is reduce, then process to liguidfied. if too thick thin with white wine and a little cream
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That actually sounds like a really good sauce, Im gonna have to give it a shot
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You're right. I've done it so automatically before I rough chop bell peppers, I completely overlooked the novice not realizing this!


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WOW! Thanks so much to all of you for your wonderful advice. I really appreciate everybody’s help.

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The red pepper sauce you mentioned, what restaurant? I had a red pepper sauce at Curleys in Belgium WI and i thought it was awsome.

I know my sauces, and all the advice people posted are great. You can take the basic and play. If you do not want to roast your peppers you can buy them jarred.
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If it to thick, you do not want to add cream, because heavy cream is a thickening agent in a sauce. You can thin it out with wine. If you dont have time to reduce, use roux or a slurrie.
The basic concept is, your base would be a stock (chicken, because it is clear with flavor) your pureed roasted red pepper, white whine and your thickening agent.
I like what green said, add some garlic and shallots or even a finely diced onion.
Like I said above, play with the sauce.

When we were kids we got yelled at for playing with our food, now we get paid to play with food.
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Hi Mikeyman,

We spent last Saturday evening at a Holiday Inn in Fondulac, WI. Are you from the WI area?
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Thanks for the recipe Doc. Made it last night and served it with poached sliced chicken breast and Saffron infused Couscous. Delicious!:lips:
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