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Help me make a decision please!

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Hi everyone,

My name is Lou and I have been accepted to the CIA and NECI. I haven't been accepted to J&W yet but I assume I will. Here is the thing. I am completely torn about which school to go to. All I have ever heard is that the CIA is the best in the country but after learning about NECI it seems like it gives the CIA a run for its money. I know they are separated by distance but they seem so alike and so different at the same time.

What do people suggest? I know it has to do with personal preference. I am going for an Associate's for now because I just want to cook. I don't want any of that manegment stuff. I am 22 years old but have been working in a kitchen for roughly 9 years. I can do pretty much any task in the kitchen. I know I have the ability to suceed at either place but they both seem so great. Can anyone please help me choose?

Thank you so much.

Lou E Perella
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My advice...

Well, I can't really tell you the best thing to do from an "industry insider" perspective. I can tell you from a life experience perspective, though. I'm the same age as you (almost 23), but I've been working full time for 4 years now, taking a full-time university courseload alongside. I don't have much time. :eek:

Try and decide which school you personally think you'll enjoy the most. I mean, you want to take money into consideration, you want to take location into consideration, etc. But the single most important factor is how you'll feel being at the school, because that is what will most readily influence your energy levels and the readiness with which you soak up what they have to teach you. Some of these factors may be arbitrary - some of them may seem foolish, according to other people. Just do your best to make sure that you've got an accurate picture of what the experience will be like at each one (curricula and available programs all being equal) so that you can decide which atmosphere most readily fits with yourself. I chose my university because I grew up as a farmboy and they had an agricultural program as well as lots of farmland around. I didn't even go into that program, I just wanted the environment and the people who I might relate well to.

It's hard to maintain a positive attitude in a place where you don't want to be, and it's hard to gain anything meaningful from education if you're miserable while receiving it. Everything else is secondary - no matter how much you plan, things don't work out the way that you think they will, so just do what seems the smartest thing out of the options that are available to you, and then go from there.

Sorry if any of this seems trite - I've spent the last 4 years trying to make "the best" decisions and excel at everything, and my conclusion after all of it is that the best thing to do is whatever makes you the happiest, because it's what you're going to do with the most energy and the most vitality.

I'm sure other folks will be more readily able to offer you the practical, pragmatic advise concerning the individual curricula of the schools you've been accepted to, though. Good luck in whatever choice you make!:D
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