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I want to play around with the "soft chocolate" recipe from Sam Mason's "Pushing Chocolate Forward" demo. I've seen two versions of the recipe. One calls for equal parts kappa and carrageenan, the other calls for equal parts carrageenan and locust bean gum. I have carrageenan but don't have kappa or locust bean gum and haven't had any luck finding them in Canada. I'm planning to experiment with using just carrageenan or possibly carrageenan and gelatin. Does anyone experienced in this area know of any problems I may encounter? I guess I could work in small batches and figure it out for myself but I thought I'd research first in case it would save me some time and ingredients. Thanks.
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Check this place out for the Locust bean gum and other stuff.. Looks like it could be in your own neighbourhood!

Pangaea Sciences
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Thanks! I'll definitely check it out.
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