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Cleaning the Pot

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Yesterday I made some chicken stock and one of the results was a bunch of crud that got cooked on to the bottom of my anodized aluminum Magnalite stock pot. The pot's been soaking overnight, but the crud remains solidly attached to the bottom of the pot. Is there a "best way" to remove it without damaging the anodized coating?


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Hi Shel

I would try baking powder, if that does not work, put 1 sheet of fleecy aka bounce in hot water, it worked for me.

Hope it helps

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You can also try boiling some water in it.
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Last trick, boil olive oil mixed with water

Good luck
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I agree. It's like deglazing a fond.

Be careful with using any acid which can remove the anodized surface. It is not like an applied teflon coating and it is actually very tough and can withstand a vigorous scrub.

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