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Iron Chef Survivor - Week 3  

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It's Christmas Week, and with that comes Iron Chef Survivor - Week 3. It's easy to play... just vote for the Chef you want kicked off, leaving your favorite Chef remaining in the end.

Here's what happened during the first two weeks:
Week 1 | Week 2

Last week, Michiba Rokusaburo was voted off the island.

We now have the following 5 remaining contestants:[list=1][*]Chin Kenichi[*]Sakai Hiroyuki[*]Kobe Masahiko[*]Morimoto Masaharu[*]Nakamura Koumei
[*]Michiba Rokusaburo (Voted off Week 2)[*]Chef Ishinabe (Voted off Week 1)[/list=a]

Let the fun continue here during Week 3!

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Kobe Masahiko gets my vote. His dishes seem too rote, too by-the-book Italian to survive against this company.

Plus I don't like the way he fondles that tomato. Nuff said.
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But (revealing ignorance) I don't even know who Nakamura Koumei IS. Was he on in some prior years? I've only been watching since we got the Food Channel, about a year ago.
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Here were your votes from the past week:

2 Votes
Nakamura Koumei

1 Vote
Kobe Masahiko

With that said, Nakamura Koumei has been banished from the island.

"The tribe has spoken"

We will be moving to Week 4 of Iron Chef Survivor. Since the voting for Week 3 has been completed, will someone from ChefTalk please close down this thread?

Click here to go to Week 4!
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