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Buko Pie

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Hi everyone

I ate a pie with fresh coconut within the pastry in Manila and is called Buko pie. I am looking for a recipe for this pie. Can anyone help me ?

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Well I've never made one myself but here's a couple that I found that might interest you..

Kusina ni Manang: Buko (Coconut) Pie

Buko Pie a la Marketman - Market Manila

If these are not to your liking you'll find more recipes on google.. :)
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Buko Pie

Hi Joyfull

Thanks for the link. Very interesting and helpful information.

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I've never tried baking a buko pie from Manila. Hope you'll have it right. By the way, show a picture of your buko pie, okay?

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Buko pie

Sure I will post a photo when I successfully make one

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