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Pondering Saute Pan

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I've been driving myself crazy, trying to decide if I want to get a Mauviel copper 3.2qt saute pan. I've a bunch of their sauce pans already but unsure if I'd use the saute pan enough to justify the cost and storage space.

I've had several stainless saute pans and just didn't use them that much, the latest is a 5 quart from Costco brand, but it's sides are really high and I don't use it much.

Mostly I saute in a very small amount of oil and use my copper 12" skillet, the stainless surface is so smooth that I seem to need very little oil, even for pancakes and eggs but admit for eggs I mostly use Berndes non-stick.

Anyway I'm wondering if I'd do better to just stick with the skillets which seem more versatile or to go ahead and get a copper saute, it's just that the actual cooking surface is kinda small (I tend to saute large amounts of vegitables) but the larger copper pan is horribly heavy.

The alternative would be to get the All Clad 3 qt saute which has shallow sides and therefore (from what I read) an 11" diameter which would probably be more useful but I'm unsure.

What would you do and how much do you use a saute pan of that size (9.5") I've got the money set aside but will be frustrated if I get one and then don't hardly use it.

I've also wondered if just getting a Berndes saute pan of the same size would suffice, yeah I know-no fond and not very crispy...

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Well I got the Mauviel 3.2qt, 2.5mm saute...I don't have to think about it anymore...whew!
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