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bottom round recipes needed

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have a small kitchen.....6 burners, flattop griddle, 2 ovens....we seat 32 usually get 8 tops....lack of prep space....need a pre-cooked, or easy prep recipe....we are trying to do Euro. style dishes, not " chicken fried steak" etc... running one meat and one fish dish a night.....a good braise is good....easy, quality service the key.

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slice it into cutlets bread as a schnitzel top with a hunters style sauce with gerkins sliced and roasted peppers
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How about just a nice slow braise where you truss it, sear it, deglaze the pan then add your stock/herbs/bay leaf etc etc? Just use the liquid as your sauce.
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Slice,pound and season stuffed with anything you like then roll them up wrap with bacon then sear then braise in a light veggie tomato sauce serve with rossoto, rice or smashed potatoes
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My favoprite is them stuffed with spinach,onions,mushrooms and cheese the cheese is up to you I prefer Fete or gorgonzola
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I'm going to add that to my top five list of favorite things to say at work now, along with

-Mucho take-it-easy
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yesw smash them and watch out for the humididty because we all know its not the temp.and becareful making weggiballs do not over cook them
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Thanks for the bottom round ideas

thanks a lot bro, working 80+hrs a week, hard to formulate nightly specials in the middle of the insanity! I like the pound, stuff, and braise idea,using it for friday special.

word of the week: eickel
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glad I could be a help, how about stuffed w/ blanch julliane veggies wrap with bacon or do a beef cordon bleu made w/morzerralla and wrapped w/ capacola ham then braised w/ mushrooms and red wine
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