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Deboned Sockeye Salmon!?!?

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alright, guys - i've got a question for all you pro chefs (and wanna-be's!)!

my mother has this recipe for salmon loaf and i absolutely LOVE it! the only thing is that it calls for 1 can of sockeye salmon. well she swears up and down that nobody sells sockeye salmon already deboned - that you have to sit for an hour and pick out most of the teeny bones and flick away the nasty disgusting skin and everything in order to make the recipe. this can't possible be true, can it? in this day and age with everything from computers to airplanes to ekg machines can there possibly NOT be anywhere to purchase salmon already deboned? i don't really care if it's $10 per can, i am willing to pay for it to come deboned cuz i'm a certified non-slimy-bone-picking-out-skin-wiping wussy! :lol:

please tell me i can buy deboned sockeye salmon *somewhere* - i'm begging!

thanks so much! :D

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The bones in canned salmon are so soft from the processing, I just mash them in. As for the skin, well -- what else is in the loaf? Will you even notice the bits of skin?
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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umm . . . eww - lol! i'd KNOW the skin was in there!

so, seriously, you can't get it de-boned? that's rediculous. PLUS i'll have to admit my mother was right (the worst part!)! :lol:

alright, well, i guess i'll scrape off the skin and get what bones i can and just smoosh all the rest together (onion, saltine crackers, 2 eggs, some milk . . . ).

thanks for the info!

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Trader Joe's has skin-off and deboned canned salmon. They also have large cans of the stuff with bones and skin. I use it frequently and have found it pretty simple to remove the bones and skin - but I no longer bother doing that.

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When I make salmon patties, I do it myself. It's really no problem if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. Just rub the skin off and pick out bones. Lots of times you can pull out a large piece and just kind of rub down it and pull most of the bones out in one piece. Yes, you can eat them. They won't hurt you but I hate when I get that texture of a bone. It's like when you're eating a burger and get gristle or bone in it. YUCK!
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thanks, all!

trader joe's, huh . . . i wonder where there is one around my parts. i'll have to take a lookie.

thanks again!

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Now that I think of it, the Whole Foods in my area also carries the same items except for the larger cans of bone in with skin. It's morte expensive than TJ's. And, if I recall, I've seen the stuff in some other markets as well.
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Well I'm in Canada so this might not be of any help, but my local Safeway carries canned boned and skinned Sockeye.. More expensive but handy if you hate all the ick stuff..
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Why would you use canned salmon when you can poach fresh salmon filet, then mash it for use in the loaf?

And, yes, there are numerous brands of canned skinless-boneless salmon filet. Even Costco has a house brand.

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I believe that Chicken of the Sea has sockeye salmon in packets already de-boned and de-skinned. Can't give an opinion of taste as I've never used it. I have tried the tuna and it was pretty good.

Obviously the taste isn't the same as if you bought a fresh salmon or tuna, but we're talking about salmon loaf, not preparing a fillet or steak. :roll:
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Kirkland uses farmed salmon. The wild Alaskan salmon sold by WF and TJ's is, IMO, a better choice.

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awesome - i gotta look around at the stores and see what they have. the closest Costco to me is, like, 12 miles away. anybody get the boneless/skinless salmon at meijer, walmart, kroger, or giant eagle?

how expensive is fresh salmon filet? and how would one poach it?

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