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chocolate truffle question

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Hi Everyone!
I am freezing my ganache balls for truffles. When I took them out to come to room temp before dipping they seem to have formed some droplets. Will this seize my dipping chocolate? What should I do?
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The answer is Yes.:suprise:

The solution has been discussed before, so if you don't succeed when you do a search, the short answer is to freeze them in an airtight container. When you remove them be sure that they have aclimatised (the temp inside the airtight container = room temp) before you remove them.

If all else fails you will need to remove the moisture using either a de-humidifying agent, a dryer, paper towel or another "home grown" solution.

Good luck.
Leading the global ban on cup and spoon measurements in recipes!
Leading the global ban on cup and spoon measurements in recipes!
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Rather than freezing your ganache balls, try leaving them at cool room temperature for 12-24 hours. Unless you're using a very soft ganache, the exterior will dry and crust and then you can dip them.
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Thanks! This is the first forum I have ever joined...and duh..didn't realize there was a search within the forum!
I did take them out of the container probably too soon...always in a hurry!
I do use a soft ganache but will also try the air dry method.
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