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Sweet Drumstick

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I have marinate my chicken drumsticks for like 12 hours with concentrated orange juice recipe . The outside is perfect with the sweet coating. however, the inside is so plain, no taste at all.

Is there anyway I can get the sweet taste INSIDE the chicken drumstick meat as well ?

or is there any alternative solution to make the drumstick meat inside get the sweet taste like the outside ?

Thank you
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OK, I can't imagine an acidic marinade not permeating (or dissolving) the entire drumstick after 12 hours? It's not a really thick piece of meat. Could it be that the skin absorbes a stronger concentration and overpowers the internal meat of your chicken?

Personally I don't like everything being the same level of flavor. I like marinades, I like part of the skin with the milder flavor of meat on the inside.

I suppose you could take the time to use one of those goofy flavor injectors. Depends on how many you need to do.

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I suppose you have your reasons for using the chicken drums. My preference is to use the thighs, deboned to open up the meat to any marinade.

Brining is another idea. I've never done a brine with OJ but I suppose it could take the place of the sugar in a regular brine.

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try this. prior to marinating, prick the drumstick all over with a fork or the tip of a sharp knife. Or make several gashes across the flesh (as done with some fish). Both methods will allow the OJ to penetrate the meat - its a tip from Indian cooking. I do this especially when making teriyaki chicken wings - all the flesh tastes of the marinade, even the bones. mmmm mmmm
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 Don't handicap your children by making their lives easy.
Robert A. Heinlein

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