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potato salad help

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hello all. my oldest son is graduation from h.s. and i have no idea
how many lbs. of potatoes to use for 200 guests. I certainly dont
want to be short. any suggestions?
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Potato Salad Quanity

Good evening to you. Joyce, The reason that this question is difficult to answer is "That AMOUNT also depends on the quality of that dish. If it isn't very good 1 1/2 oz per MAYBE a lot.....on the other hand if it is very good quality 4 oz per person may not be enough.
Now then Joyce, I sometimes make myself 2 to 2 1/4 pounds of NY German deli potato salad. I eat 4, oz for 1 rather large Kaiser roll with cold cuts. To be safe remember Joyce, you must allow between 15 to 22.5% of waste due to the peeling & brown spots you sometimes get in the potatoes. Also there are those who will eat twice as much & those who may just taste some. I would allow 7, oz per then add 1.5, oz for waste. Soooo, 200 people X approx. 8.5 oz= 1700, oz, divided by 16 that = 110, pounds of new potatoes either red rose or white rose or a combonation of both. Joyce do not forget approx. 8 to 9 pounds of chopped onions, & 4 1/2 to 5, quarts of mayo.
Good luck & enjoy the rest of the day young lady.

:chef: Z~BESTUS.
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Hi Joyce. I don't have a table right with me to look this up, but I think 110 lbs of potatos would be an excessive amount. Most people will eat about 4 oz. of potato salad. Some will eat more, some won't have any. If you have a crowd that loves potato salad, then you may want to increase you amounts some. You will want approx. 50-60 lbs. finished product. I don't know if you intend to use eggs or not, but one dozen large eggs weighs about 1 1/2 lbs. If you use 50 lbs. of potatos and lose 20% to peels and trimmings, you would have 40 lbs. left. Add 18 eggs for another two pounds, 1-2 pounds onion (depending on your taste) and probably about two gallons of mayonnaise which weigh roughly 7 lbs. each. this will give you a total weight of about 57 lbs. which should be what you need plus. I hope this helps you. Good luck with the graduation!
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