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Costing menu items..

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Whats the easiest way to cost stuff?I can't remember how to do it,I'm very clueless on this...Please help!Thanks in advance!:D
When in doubt..Throw it out!
When in doubt..Throw it out!
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Spreadsheets. PM me if you want mine, and I'll email it to you. You should also invest in a copy of the Book of Yields by Francis Lynch.
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cost ingredients exactly! If you want 70% g.p then divide by 30, multiply by 100 and multiply 1.175(v.a.t). this gives you your selling price.
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Robertlorimer- I don't think I've heard the term v.a.t. before. I've always divided the plate cost by the desired Food Cost % to get a rough estimate of selling price. In my experience, you won't have the same FC% or gross profit margin % for all menu items.

You should update your costs at least monthly for you regular menu, and cost each catering job. It'll start to drive your purchasing, especially with produce and center of the plate items. You can even forecast costs alittle especially with meats and poultry.

Since you are costing your menu, I would plug that data into your POS system so it can track your Cost of Food Sold based on POS Sales. (Or you can make a spreadsheet using your menu mix and plate costs) Take that information and compare it with your actual Cost of Food Sold you get when you take inventory. This will help you identify and control shrink, and thus save the all important $'s.
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One thing I will echo is to definately use the book of yields. It can and will save you money. You need to incorporate all cost considerations when writing a menu.

Actually, I wouldn't mind a copy of the spreadsheets if you have them. I'll PM you, assuming it is OK.

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