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Caramelizing Shallots

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Recently I came across a few veggie recipes that called for caramelizing shallots. Is the same technique for onions applicable to shallots, or are they done differently? Do shallots take longer or less time to caramelize than onions?

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Shallots (at least on this side of the pond) are smaller onions, often purple-flushed. The technique is the same, but obviously they would take a bit longer to caramelise than sliced/chopped onions - assuming that you intend to caramelise them whole?
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Shallots + Balsamic = Yum

Yes, shallots will carmelize just like onions if you follow the same procedure. However, there is something that shallots really lend themselves to when you carmelize them, and that is working with a balsamic reduction. Sure, a good balsamic reuduction will work with almost anything - from veal to vanilla ic cream - but when paired with shallots, something heavenly really takes place. So while you have recipes in your veggie book, and you will want to follow those, if you have any leftover carmelized shallots, you will really want to play with them and balsamic. Oh, or Sherry reductions too... **** tasty!
My Continuing Journey Into the Kitchen...
My Continuing Journey Into the Kitchen...
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That is interesting about the balsamic reduction and shallots. I am not a professional cook, but play around home with food. I am about to try an idea that may become a side business and i was studying onions because I am trying a dish of my own creation and wanted to know what type of onion would be what I am trying to achieve. I have worked with shallots in the past and love them, but never knew about this idea. I will try it.
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Shallots Rock!! Right next to leeks and all the other onion types

I carmelize shallots with some apples and sage and fresh bread crumbs to stuff in pork chop pockets.

with yellow onions, leeks, red onions, and scallions for a five onion, red pepper and goat cheese tart.

and with balsamic for so many things!
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Shallots Rock

I was interested in getting the exact recipe for the pork pockets you mentioned that sound delicious. Would that be possible?
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Mmmm... me, too, please.
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