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I hate Robot Coupe

I have been on a personla mission to get any/every place I have worked over the years to stop drinking the Robot Coupe Kool Aid and accept the fact that the best big food processor is Cuisinart.

If you want a machine that has 300 pieces, requires a screwdriver to pick out all the lodged in cheese or vegetable pieces from its ridiculously complicated attachments, then the Robot Coupe is for you! If you enjoy holding the whoile machine together after all the little tabls and slots break off, then you will just LOVE the Robot Coupe! The big Cuisinart (DLC-X) or a new big model outperforms the Robot Coupe in every way. Aside from the exterior pointing shoot where you can grate cheese into a large bowl instead of into the FP internal bowl, I cant think of anything that a Robot Coupe does better- it overheats if you leave it running, the plastic used for construction of the bowls tend to chip off in tiny pieces and I was thrilled to find that little pieces of a Robot Coupe I used at work for over two years were systematically coming apart into whatever cheese i was grating- yum, plastic in my cheese! The R2D2 has a smaller bowl than the large Cuisinart and costs from 2-3x more, its just silly.

Lets all stand up against this scam that is Robot Coupe, somehow they have managed to convince commercial kitchens that THEY are the only FP that belongs when in reality the big Cuusinart of the winner. At home I have had the older big Kitchenaid which also kicks butt, it is as quiet and smooth now as it was when it was new in 1991.
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Allie - over the years I burned out the Black and Decker and several other inexpensive processors. I finally bit the bullet and bought a Cuisenart that is now going on 20 years of almost daily use with no breakdowns or problems. Well worth the cost and cheaper than replacing all those cheap machines.
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Woodsboy - flip your KA processor over and see where it says it was made. If it says " Made in France" you've got a KA made by Robot Coupe. They made the first few generations of processors for KA after they severed ties with Cuisinart and now they produce the Magimix line.

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