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Ice Cream w/Chiles Recipe?

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Hello all,

I'm looking for an ice cream recipe that includes chilies. I'm thinking chocolate ice cream with a kick.

There are a few recipes I picked up off the Internet. I've played with them and tweaked them a bit but i'm looking for tricks, tips, etc. from anyone who's had success with this.
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Years ago I made a chocolate chile ice cream. All I did was grind dried chile into a nice powder and added it to the mix. Worked a treat!

Also, something I got from Cat Cora when she was the chef at one of my favorite little joints in Napa - add some finely ground black pepper to home made vanilla ice cream. I was astounded at the wonderful taste. Not too much pepper, though.

Since you mentioned that you got some recipes from the 'net, I'll add a few - maybe you don't have these:

Dessert Recipes...Chile ice cream

Chocolate chile ice cream

Minted Serrano Chili Ice Cream: Chef Janos Wilder

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Ice Cream

Great ideas!! =)
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minted mango and roasted habanero sorbet
oh so sweet and smokey spice!! oh btw... top it with a tequila caramel
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I don't have any recipes, but try adding ancho to chocolate ice cream, chipotle to a cinnamon ice cream, habanero to any tropical fruit sorbet, or thai chiles to a coconut ice cream or sorbet. These are all combinations I have used in the past that have come out great. The key to getting the balance right is to allow your base to sit overnight to allow the heat time to bloom. This is especially true for ice creams as the heat takes longer to penetrate through the fat content.
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