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Slippin' and Slidin'

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Good afternoon everyone,

I'm in chipper spirits today. After looking around, visiting web sites and stores, and reading reviews, I finally bought a new skillet. Based on what I saw, and a review in CI, as well as price and, or course, the intended use of the item, I got a Farberware Millenium 10" Non-stick skillet. I don't expect everyone to stand up and cheer and applaud my astute purchase, but I do have a question.

When I purchased my first non-stick skillet some years ago there was Teflon. Then came Silverstone. And now, it seems, every cookware manufacturer seems to have one or more of a plethora of non-stick surfaces. I couldn't find a plain old Teflon coated pan at all, but there were three or four other varieties of Teflon, different coatings and finishes for All-Clad, Calphalon, Emerilware, Analon ... the list goes on.

Is there any one coating or surface that's clearly superior? Just curious.

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I always buy cheap throw away teflon pans. I get them at Target, TJ Max or some other discounter.
Regardless of the price or quality, they all give up the ghost after awhile. When I toss one, I am glad I paid $14.95, and not $249.95 for some top brand.
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I agree Mannlicher, I won't spend big $ on a nonstick pan ever again.
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