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Noob Question

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Hi everyone,

After 29 years of eating pasta and sauce, or from packets, or using sympathy with mother/sister/gf I've decided to start cooking decent food.

And I love it!

But why do my omlettes stick to the pan everytime?
I've tried using lots of butter, but doesn't seem to help.

I am using a cheap pan which isn't non-stick. Is this where I'm going wrong?

Many thanks

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Are you heating the pan before adding the butter and then ensuring the butter melted in the hot pan before adding the eggs?
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Yes, never remembered this happening at uni, so think this is 'pan' related.
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It probably is the quality of the pan.

I have 2 le creuset heavy duty omelette pans (well, one is a crepe pan, but is the ideal size for a small, one-person omelette!)
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Electric stove top? Cheap pan? Bet pan is transmitting way too much heat and the omelet is burned onto the pan.

Try lower heat. Try shaking the pan after a minute or so to see if egg will release itself.

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Could be the quality of the pan, maybe the heat's too high ...

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Thanks all!!

Will be off to invest in some new quality cookware this bank holiday. Have had to be very creative with what few utensils I found!

Collanders are not sieves....
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Cook's Illustrated rated the farberware Millenium non-stick skillet as a very good choice for omelettes, eggs, and such. After looking around, I purchased one yesterday. It heats very evenly, is easy to clean, the handle is OK for my needs and size hands, and it seems to be pretty well built. The local price (not at a discounter) was good as well. It may not be the "best" pan, but it sure seems to be a very good value for much of the stovetop uses I have. Worth looking into at least.

I compared it to a lesser model Farberware, All-Clad, a couple of calphalons, Emiralware, Analon and Circulon.

BTW, if you're near a Bed, Bath and beyond store, stop in and see what they have. The one in my area had a package deal on 10" and a 12" Calphalon non-stick skillets for $49.00 ... a pretty good deal, even though it's the lower end line. I was tempted, but felt the farberware in this price range was the better choice for me.

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In the UK, and I don't think we have those particular stores, but will look out for the brands.

Crab omlette with omlette with minced pork are two of my favourite dishes, so I can't wait to try out a new model!

Thank you all for your advice, people!
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Invest in a good old fashioned medium sized cast iron fry pan from the hardware store! Season per the instructs on the label. Then each time you use it wipe it out or wash it with a bit of salt and water. Do not use soap. Rub a bit of oil into it after each use and you will have a pan for life that cooks wonderful eggs without the risk of using teflon lined pans! :D I still have one I use that was my momma and daddy's when they were first married! It's over 55 years old! WOW! :eek:
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