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Had an idea for one of tomorrow's specials- panko and parmesan crusted chicken tenders, baked or fried eggplant, light marinara sauce, and a sprinkling of mozzarella- maybe fresh mozz, served panini style in roasted pepper sourdough bread. 



This was on the menu once, eons ago, but I'd use it again somewhere if I could:

Eggplant Fries

3/4 inch eggplant "fries" soaked in milk (does that counter the bitterness? not sure/can't remember. I know we didn't salt out or water and squeeze the eggplant).

Then tossed in a breading that had flour and ground rice (coffee mill), the ground rice is nice for texture

deep fry

We made a ketchup for it, but I'd bet marinara would fit the bill.

Not really lunch fare, but eh, It'd probably sell.


The "chicken/eggplant parmesan sandwich" is killer.  A great seller, anyplace I've worked. 

Cook chix (pounded flat) or eggplant on platter, hit with warm marinara, top with fresh mozz, broil until melted, slide onto bread (prob not sandwich bread tho).

Usually bread chix with breadcrumbs, not panko, but who knows?...

I just make it messy, serve extra napkins.  Fresh mozz for sure. YUM!


Thanks for jogging my memory!



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I understood your post  to be eggplant AND chicken.  That's the one making it to my specials.  It sounds yummy!


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Great ideas, so glad I found this site.

I am a new owner/operator. I live way way up North in a little town of 5000 people, we are very close to Alaska but in Canada. I too struggle with lunch ideas and so am looking forward to sharing what you do as well as what I do.

Wraps are a big thing up here. Chicken Avocado wrap. Chicken, cuc's, peppers, avoc., romaine, tom., red onion and a yummy avocado/mayo with garlic and lemon. Big hit here.

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