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cake projects

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A couple new cakes I've done.
First one was my gift to a young lady turning 19.. Shes very into flowers and old fashioned stuff plus anything purple!
I used marshmallow fondant to make the decorations..

Second cake was for a young fellow who loves pokemon games.. I honestly don't know who this creature is! the mom just asked for the white 'thing' from the Pearl Vision game thats come out. :lol:

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Your cakes look wonderful......

. Can I ask you a few questions,,,,,
How do you make the marshmallow fondant?

I notice you have a finish on the surface of the cakes, how did you do that??

Also do you put this icing straight onto a cake or do you have to coat the cake surface first. Thanks a lot, ;-))))
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Hello Joyful,

Rirst of all I wanted to wish you a happy Memorial Day weekend. Secondly I wanted to tell you that both of your cakes are absolutely beautiful. I wish I had your talent. Thank you so much for posting the pictures of these cakes. Do you do your cakes strictly for fun?
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Thank you qahtan

For the fondant, this link will explain the how to's of marshmallow fondant a lot easier than I can..
I follow it pretty well the same, only I do add white chocolate to my white fondant.. If I'm making the full batch (like this recipe) I add 4 sqares of melted Bakers white chocolate, and a good blob of clear corn syrup to the melted marshmallows before adding the icing sugar..

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe by Sarah Phillips - Ask Sarah Forum for Bakers from baking911.com

This is also an excellent tutorial on MMFondant.. Its one many of my decorator friends use.. Theres no chocolate added in the white fondant, just a basic MMfondant recipe with lots of very helpful tips..

Fondant 101, Making Marshmallow Fondant, Cake Decorating

The finish on my cakes is from smoothing my icing with Viva towels.. Once I get my icing as smooth as I can with my spatula's, then I wait for it to crust, then I go over the whole cake using the viva towels and my hand to smooth the surface even more..

Unfortunately viva has changed their towels in the last little while. It used to be non textured and worked great. Now I'm getting that bumpy finish that you're seeing, (which I don't really like to much). So I'm on the lookout for something better..

I always crumb coat my cake before putting on the final coat of icing.. The crumb coat catch's all those nasty loose crumbs that would end up in your final icing otherwise..

I crumb coat, then wait about 15 to 20 mins. for that to crust over a bit, then start the final icing..
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Thank you Kellybean

I do some for fun (friends and family) and I also do some for money.. The money ones are few and far between tho!
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My questions....

Thank you so much for all the answers....
The fondant icing I use to use was an Australian recipe. This looks a lot easier to use..... qahtan
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Well gee :blush: I don't think I'm so wonderful but thanks!
I don't really have much in the way of Halloween or Christmas cakes..
There is one Halloween cake I did for my granddaugters pre-school party in my 2006 cake album, and a few Halloween cupcakes in my cupcake album... Also one Xmas cake for another pre-school party in my 2005 album.. That's about it. You can check them out here if you want a peek..

Yahoo! Photos - joyfull4444's Photos
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Are you a good free hand artist as well?
I'm thinking good decorators have to be because I'm not good at either!!:cry:
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