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chocolate works

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Hi everyone.

Maybe if someone can help me. I am looking for a web site that can help me with chocolate work and ideas. My chocolate and sugar work is fairly basic. I'm not a pastry chef and my pastry chef aint one either really.. long story..

Anyway, help would be appreciated
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Nestlé New Zealand: Chocolate Recipes

Silicones, Molds & Supplies for the Artisan Chef - ChefRubber.com

The home page of the Chicago School of Mold Making <---good place for supplies for showpieces.

Chocolate Molds, Chocolate Transfer Sheets, Magnetic Chocolate Molds --this ones is great for supplies for any pastry chef. (Im going to visit just after this post ) : ):lol: good luck on the chocolate.

LOOK below me WE got a SPAMMER.
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