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What do you think of celebrity chefs?

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Dear fellow gastronomes!

I am doing PhD research in to celebrity chefs. Why are they so successful? Does Nigella have to be sexy? Does Jamie have to be pukka? Would really appreciate your opinion. Below is the URL of my questionnaire and my details. Takes 5-10 mins to fill in. Go on - have your say!


Angela Higgins
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Right time and right place usually....and of course a good tv friendly face and/or personality.
And a willingnes to take some risk.

A lot of people don't know this story but Emeril was not the first choice for the Food Network.

They originally persued Jasper White of New England (Jasper's Summer Shack)

The original deal was two full weeks of shooting for NO COMPENSATION!
Jasper declined and when they approached Emeril, things we fairly quiet for him at the time and he said YES

The rest is history.

I am personal friends with several "Rock Star" chefs, and each one of them has a different background and stroy.

I can assure you this...there is no single formula...but there is one common denominator

Passion, talent and hard work.

If you find a celebrity chef who is younger than 30, chances are he knows the right people...and that's never a bad thing for a career

The Cat Man
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I just realized you're a KIWI.
I'm actually hosting a Culinary Education Tour down to NZ in October, sponsored by NTZE.

I'm bringing a couple of Rock Star chefs down on the trip....perhaps you's like to meet and interview them? Or will that be too late.

I could always arrange a phone or Skype interview for you.

Let me know

The Cat Man
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What do you think of celebrity chefs?

Cat Man

I will have done all my online research by then but interviews (as qualitative research) would be great. Let me know when the dates are finalised. I am in Christchurch. Actually, I am Scottish but doing my PhD here.
Have you filled in my questionnaire? Pls do.

Thanks and regards
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Right now, it looks like 2nd/3rd week of October....late spring should be perfect weather at the bottom of the world.

BTW, if you would like to meet some of NZ's celebrity chefs, I can also arrange that while you're there anytime. A very close friend of mine lives on the Wharapangaoa Pennisula, Northeast of Aukland and also owns one of the most famous houses in NZ if you're interested in amazing houses and a serious night on the town

Let me know...he'll do anything for me...crazy guy though...in my experience, all islanders are weird.....PEI in Canada, Vancouver Island, Newfoundland, Kiwi's, just about any island you find...I think that's why they live on islands
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