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A New Start

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Hey Everbody,

I wasn't sure where to post this, or even I if should. In the early hours of the morning I will be leaving on a plane to return tomy home town. In just over 24 hours after that I'll be starting an apprenticeship at an upscale / boutique hotel. The menu is perfect for me, creative but grounded in the classics, with a heavey slant on game and fresh fish.

My stint as main prep. at a certain chain that rhymes with "gherkins" is over and I'll finally be cooking more interesting food at work than at home. I guesss that I don't have a point or question by this thread, just to say that I'm really excited, and looking forward to this turn of events.

I'll be posting less over the next little while (the Mrs. gets the Mac until she joins me in a month) I get settled in. I just wanted to say that the conversation here helped keep me sane while cuisine seemed to little more than pancake batter and bacon.

See you soon,

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Ah good luck and all the best on your new endeavour! :) Welcome to the ranks my friend. :D We hope your stay will be a good one.
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