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new manager

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well i work in a restrant and bar, all of the guys that should be manigers and have sinority work as bartenders because they make better money in there, so the kitchen is left with the people who have been working there for a few years but dont have any manigment experance, one of the new shift manigers has told the guy that dose the schudal not to put me as a cook on his shifts, the guy has had a power trip and im not saying that i can run it better then him, but how do i deal with this,

im wondering if i should just suck up my pride and talk to him and tell him i have been an *** but if i do that he wont change,and but ill have 2 really good nights with tips friday saturday( which a new maniger shouldnt have at a high volume restrant), i start culanay school in a month and i want to keep this job, the problem how do i solve this problem, 2 guys this week have my shifts with less sinority then me,
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Dude, you can't change the guy. Never ever, especially since he's one of your bosses. You best bet is to suck it up, and get the good shifts.

I found out late, that a big part of the BOH is people skills. I've soured many jobs by acting like a sullen teenager, till I got my head out of my ***. I had less problems with my bosses and coworkers, and my cooking got better since I could focus on the food more and the other guys were more willing to teach me.

If I were you, I'd go with the flow, unless you were being told to do something illegal or dangerous. What the worst that could happen? If the guy succeeds, then you succeed as well. If the guy fails, you get the satisfaction of stepping over his corpse.

To paraphrase a coworker, you're not there to make friends or enemies, you're there to make money.

Also: If you can't say anything nice to the guy, say "Yes, Chef" or "I'll chop faster!" ;)
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If you feel like your getting the raw end of a deal then you probly are. Things dont get better from here until you find out how to play the political game of the kitchen. If you think your boss is talking bad about you behind your back then either prove yourself or find a new place to work.
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o i know he talked **** about be behind my back to my roomate, my roomate got drunk one night and told me what he said about me and that got me really pissed....

i worked with him tonight we seem cool but i still want my shifts back
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