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Pie Press Crust Recipe?

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Hello All

We rent space in a commercial kitchen and have access to a pie press. There are many die sizes, from small tarts to big pies. I would like to use it but I don't know if our crust recipes will adapt to this method, and I VERY much doubt that the other renters will share their recpies.

If anyone has a good pie crust recipe that is made in a mixer or food processor and performs well in a pie press, I would greatly appreciate it. We have countertop appliances and access to the large industrial mixers and processors.

We will be making sweet and savory items (quiches to fruit/nut pies).

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Pie Machine Pastry Recipe

heres one for you. sub lard for shortening.
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Thanks Raz!!

I'll have access to the machine at the end of next week; I'll post the results
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