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summer squash blossom

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Long time no talk!
For those of you using squash blossoms... how often do you receive shipments/how long do they last in the typical walk-in? How are they packaged/do you repack them?
Thanks in advance.
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picked up 2 quarts of thumb size zucchini with blossoms attached to the end....will buy probably as many next week. they'll be used tomorrow, stuffed with chevre, pan fried and topped with tomato sauce.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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We had them in quesadillas once for staff meal. I think they were lightly suated first with garlic, onion, and a little chile.
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Through you produce or specialty vendor they come in a flat square box
and are usually 100 count. They will last about a week before they begin
to discolor. We use in Mexican and Italian dishes. I use them in pastas,
stuffed and fried, in quesadillas, and in salads. They are not the end all
greatest thing in the world, but, seem to interest some people. Of course
going out into the garden and picking them in your yard yields a more flavorable product for the most part. The special order blossems seem to
be void of flavor, not unlike a lot of other products.
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Thanks Stephen!
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