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Please beam me up Scotty....!!!!!

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OK, I'm stuck in this H hole of a spite of over 40k population it's completely nuts.

I got a call back from an Italian Place just opening up a couple of miles from where we're living. Gas is nuts, my truck now needs gas to almost go in reverse (so to speak)...It's housed in the former disfunctional kitchen that I usta work in but closed a few months back. (Not surprising) They're replacing all the equipment and stuff BUT...

Somehow they have the same mindset as when I worked at Xanterra as a trainee. Of course that's what they assume everyone is unless you are there every season. Pay minimum wage and ...yadayada...Holy C***. I'm supposed to be paid 6.15 as an experienced cook?

I'm making $8 an hour cooking at one of the legal brothels here for 3 days, 10 hours per day. Nice gig. Just basic homestyle food. The gas prices are seriously killing me but...

I was very excited about the place down the block opening up. But MINIMUM WAGE FOR A PREP? Am I missing something here?

Heck, I was paid that in Yellowstone and I LIKED IT THERE! You also got perks like cheap food and housing. The premise was that Yellowstone attracted all kinds of unskilled workers from all over the planet...WHAT ABOUT these places like this new Italian place that doesn't appreciate skilled chefs? How can you equate people that have never been in a kitchen before with 50 years of experience? <Yeah it sucks>

I'm just annoyed. What would YOU do under the circumstances?

Now that I've had time to think about it I'm wondering if I should leave a message that minimum wage for my experience seems a little low? I know what a lot of places here have probably run into but...I'm not a pimple faced teen that doesn't know what side of the knife to hold onto and I think that I need to be paid for my experience.

I won't quit my Ranch Job. I just find the pay at this place insulting. I could get over 8 bucks an hour washing dishes in some of the other placed I've worked in Montana...what's up with this?

(Yeah, I'm just getting totally pissed the more I think about it.)

Need input.


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April, take a deep breath. Hold it. Blow it out. Repeat.

There. Feel a little better?

First off, putting everything else aside, the number don't even add up. You are currently making only pennies less for part-time work than those people are offering for full-time. So, right off, it's a no brainer that way.

But what if you explained the situation; that you are not an inexperienced high-school kid, and the came back with a higher offer. Say they even matched the eight bucks you're being paid now.

The odds are if you took the job you would still be full of resentment over the deal. And the odds are, too, that the work conditions would not be up to your expectations. Long and the short is that you would not do your best, and, in a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of thing, you would only be worth the $6.15 they originally offered.

All in all, I'd just walk away from the offer. Life's too short to let yourself get that upset over idiots.
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
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wow a legal whorehouse cook.....what do the girls (I assume it's girls) eat the remaining 4 days? Town of 40,000.....must be in Nevada....isn't that the only state that legalized consential paid sex?

Nominal experience with some brainwave activity will net you $9ish an hour in STL, more mid-teens to mid-twenties.....just depends on skill level/ability to work with clients, ability to problem solve, ability to not repeatedly burn plugra butter pate sucre tart shells.......
It's fairly inexpensive to live here, but that's all relative isn't it? Mass transportation is still not great, but we're making some strides.

My son was making $9 an hour at a university catering venue to deliver, set-up buffets, waitstaff parties......35 hours a week.....while he took 14 hours of classes.

Quality of life counts for alot, Yellowstone sounds better than Italian gig.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Ya know, all those numbers are a little scary, considering that the kids working at McDonalds make seven bucks an hour. And that's in a rural part of an agricultural state.
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
They have taken the oath of the brother in blood, in leavened bread and salt. Rudyard Kipling
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You had a lot to say about the pay scale, but not much else about the interview. You didn't even say if they had offered you a job. In one area you talk about the job being prep; and them refer to being paid as an experianced
cook. Did you apply for a prep position and expect to be paid as an experianced cook? Or was that a vent?

Were the owners familiar to the area, or to the business? If they aren't, they maybe feeling out the area and the work force, and will come to a differant conclusion of what they should pay. If they are new to the business, they will need to have some time to sort this for themselves.

If you dominated the interview, with discussion of the previous owners, etc, then you may not have sounded very positive, the result being, you could have been offered less. It's a fast way to discourage an interview's results, "if they are going to take you, they will take you for less" sound like an effort to manage, or they don't expect to keep you for long.

If you think the job would be a positive, then stop in and tell them very nicely, "that you are excited about their business opening up so close (it's a benefit for them also that you are close by) but you ran the numbers and you just can't make it work for 6.15 an hour, and leave the part time job you have at 8.00. Please keep you in mind if the job description changes, and will pay more. You'd like to work for them, and they won't be disappointed in your capibilites." You'll leave the door open, and politely give them your terms. Don't expect an answer right away.

Maybe even offer to pick up a fill in shift if it meets your other job schedule.

You are making this sound very personal, and it may just be your frustration, but the cost of labor is still a cost. A spaghetti dinner in a certain area and venue will only sell for so much; the customer will only pay for so much. Therefore the incoming revenue gets determined, and so does the cost for labor, and wages. It's called what the market will bear.

And last, take that truck in and have it tuned-up, see if that helps the gas milage. Even wrongly inflated tires, will cost you gas milage.
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Yes, I agree with all of the input.

Yes I was offered a position. I applied as a cook. Primarily overall/line. It's not very big and I understand it's a franchise of a Houston based Cafe.

I don't know if they're familiar with Pahrump or not. They did say that they've owned other establishments prior. (I always wonder if they're so good then why are they here...LOL) Pahrump does have about a half dozen pizza places and one little Italian Restaurant on the South end. I also have to admit that the location could be better. We're about 4 miles West of the main intersection. The little mom and pop pizza place down the block does ok, but they've been here for almost 20 years.

Yeah, the interview went pretty well. I did mention my concerns about the overall acceptance of the 3 second rule here in the valley, lack of diligence with labeling, dating and whatnot. What did kind of bother me is that she didn't mention what the position paid. I don't know about tip positions, like the waitstaff, but some places here split tips with the kitchen. I'll find out tomorrow.

I believe they are just assuming because it's here that they can offer it, and some people with accept it. Ah, well, you get what you pay for. Many ads in the paper have pay scale included for not much more. Typically around the $7 per hour mark. The sad part is that the cost of living isn't a whole lot cheaper plus you have more expense with having a vehicle to upkeep. (there's no public transportation here)

Unfortunately I can't take my truck in just yet. I'm almost broke from fighting a lawsuit by the guy I'm buying this place from. He's trying to evict us based on a rental and I'm supposedly purchasing it?

Yeah, the Ranch is a very interesting place. There's two down where I work and a 3 I think up in Crystal 20 miles North of here. I know there are also several up in the Carson City area and up in Winemucca as well.

I'm the new kid replacing the Manager's mom who just retired. Since the other cook has been there longer she gets the 40 hour gig. It's pretty much just basic home cooked food. The warning was if the girls (I call them ladies...some are in their 40's) can't figure out what it is, they won't eat it. Suits me at the moment. I plan the menus, do the shopping every morning and have a budget of $250 a DAY! Unreal. We're talking for 15 +/- plus an additional 10 staff? Really weird when I'm used to spending less than that per month for my daughter and myself.

Some of the things I've heard are pretty astonishing. Mainly about what they are paid for their services. Starts at $1000 an hour and goes up to $15K+++ depending. Ah, to be pretty or have tons of plastic surgery...:bounce:

Anyway, we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Oh, and I accidently double posted. This didn't show up so I thought I forgot to send it. So I'll have to figure out how to delete the other one.

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um are your 000000s correct? and per hour not day/week? I'm thinking tip jar for the kitchen!!
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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whats wrong with vegas, I work in the city.and cooks here make between 11-12$ to start. Started in 93 and (baker) now asst exec. chef. I once worked in long beach in a little mom and pop place making 6$ an hour, and just couldn't mke it work(I bet I used it all in gas,and gas was cheap then.) vegas is the place to make money.
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I think the girls should tip you April. :)
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Helll why not see if you can make the cathouse take you on full time? $250/day for food for 15? That's a cinchy job lol! And it would be an adventure!
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Vegas...3 little letters...

GAS. I can't make the numbers come out. Can't justify the the commute at this point but who knows in a week or two with this dumb a** hearing on the 5th.

I do get tips but only if I do shopping for one of the girls, having to buy something special for someone. (I admit trying to find certain female ... ahem ... stuff that I haven't used in years was kinda special...) :blush:

And no, Shroom, sadly I didn't miss a zero here or there.

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$1000-$15,000 an hour? ok we gotta pm this is too bizarre.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Line/Prep Cook position

April - it sounds a bit to me like your barking up the wrong tree! IF this is so much of a hassle - why even bother????? Surely there are other places to work that will pay a more fair salary! Why not hold on where you are and keep looking until the right opportunity comes along? The restaurant field is incredibly volatile and positions open up almost daily!!! Best of luck.
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Yes, just not here...(unless you're one of the ladies I cook for)


I'm actually having a chuckle. I just got a message on my voice mail from the owner who has offered $6.15 an hour. She told me that they won't be doing an orientation tomorrow after all but will be doing it on Saturday (one of the days I specifically said I CAN'T work because I have my cushy 10 hours at 8 bucks an hour gig) the day before they are supposed to open? I missing something? I'm supposed to go in and get essentially a 'tour' the day before they open with no clue on what their recipes are (which she was very specific about following), what's going to be already done, what I'm supposed to DO..., where everything is located and ...? Does this sound a little odd to anyone else?

I'm supposed to swoop in like Superman and just brilliantly figure it out in a couple of hours. Heck, I'm good but I'm not stupid. (...and certainly not for minimum wage) The way I am I'd actually probably go in and give it a go and do a pretty fair shake...BUT it's ringing huge bells and waiving red flags about the management.

I'd rather be on He*ll's kitchen.


PS, yeah, I'm looking for other work in real places but I need to gather funds before we can do that.
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If those figures are right (no pun intended), does it include extras like the kilo of coke? If it were me, i'd be getting some major liposuction and implants, and going there to work myself and forget being a cook! :)

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Yep, I question that. I am in a small town in the very Northwest that up to the 90's had a very busy fishing and logging industry and waaay to much money.
I was a logging camp cook and made quite good money. When we came to town one of the best bars was a strip club and I got to know several of the girls pretty well. All stripers are not "working girls".They were nice to me, because they figured I would tell my boys in camp I liked them, and I did!!
Great ladies, I figure, everyone is selling something, I sell cooking.
But they got $200-500 an hour, I never wanted details, $1000 a night, and $5000 a week which usually included a trip to somewhere really cool.
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OK, students....Cathouses 101...

It's all about the word "notorious".

It's hype, it's VEGAS for God's sake! (Or close enough) We're talking a Carl's Jr. in the Palms that offers 4 burger meals with a bottle of some whoopeedeedoo wine that bumps the bill up to $60k.

The ladies get tested every week, they're seriously groomed and molded into walking and talking playtoys.

...and yeah, the numbers are correct. (Plus the house gets 60% of the take. Figure that one.) I heard the Manager discussing 'things' with some of the ladies that had been requested from their website. The 'nurse' was WAY busy the other day. <no offense to any of you men of the male gender but some guys are so weird>

One of the girls has her brand new black Hummer parked in the lot because she didn't want to leave it at the airport on her time off.

(Am I picking up collective thoughts about some of you contemplating sex changes...? ROFL !!!!!)

More info later...have some glimmers of sabotage that I won't go into just now (the 40 hr cook)

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