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Women Chefs

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This article appeared in the local paper's Sunday magazine:

What is it about the cooking of WOMEN CHEFS that makes it more memorable, more comforting than that of men?

I greatly enjoyed reading it and the perspectives put forth by some of the best chefs in the San Francisco Bay Area, regardless of gender. Maybe you'll enjoy the article as well.

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They have women chefs now? What's next women mailmen? Policemen? :D

That was a good article. I feel like consciously eating at restaurants with women chefs to see if there is a noticeable difference in the food.

Recently, I had a niece graduate from college, and we dined as a party of 22 at a small restaurant in LaCrosse, WI. It is run by a woman chef/owner. My niece had eaten there previously, and enjoyed the menu which featured vegetarian entrees. Being a carnivore, I was skeptical. Boy, was I surprised.

The menu was mainly Italian/Mediterranean in nature, and far from just vegetarian. The restaurant could seat about 40, which included a four to six seat counter looking into the open kitchen.

The food was wonderful and reasonably priced. Nice portions also. Well presented, of course, but the presentation was not what it was about. I was very impressed with the meal and the service. I talked to one of the servers and a hostess, and told them how impressed I was with the whole experience. All they could do was gush about how they loved their boss and her vision about what the restaurant should be.

I then got a chance to chat briefly with the chef, and praised both her skills as a chef and as an owner. She explained how she loved the size of the space, and how it enabled her to feed people in a personal way, which is what she wanted to do. Looking back on that brief conversation, I think she was trying to express what some of the female chefs were saying in that article. I'm not saying it was Chez Panisse, but it was solid, and had a great vibe about it. A good vibe can really make a meal better.

That was one of the nicest meals I have had in a restaurant in a while. The name of the restaurant is Kate's On State, in LaCrosse, WI. I'd post a link, but can't seem to find a website.

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I've been fortunate to have eaten the food prepared by many of the women in the article, as well as the food prepared by some of the better male chefs and cooks in the area. I always came away from Joyce Goldstein's restaurant, Square One (how I miss that place) feeling "nurtured," and Cat Cora, who was the Chef at a place just down the road from Michael Chiarello's place up in Napa, always provided a more interesting and relaxed dining experience. The women seemed to offer greater "hospitality" than the men, and also seemed to be more approachable. True, it's a small sample, but I think it reflects pretty well about what dining is all about here in the SF Bay Area. Looking back over the years, it seems that my favorite restaurants, considering food quality and atmosphere, were or are owned by women or had women chefs. The women also seemed to have a more "hands on" approach compared to many of the men ...

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