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Lactose free sour cream and cream cheese? - Page 2

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ewww. tuna ice cream?? can we get back to the cheesey thing?

I would be bold and invite that we may both find a mutual kitchen to play in but I may be misunderstood,

what recipe did you want to post?
Make a Dairy Farmer Happy and Drink your Milk
Make a Dairy Farmer Happy and Drink your Milk
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Ms chocolate milk, I checked out your profile and you sew a lot. Maybe you can give me some ideas. I use a lot of what we call controls wiring, which is a bundle of solid copper wire with each strand having a different color of insulation. I was thinking of something to make with the wire, no kidding. The colors are nice and the wires are about 1 mm wide. Any ideas?
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check your personal messeges...we can talk about that subject more. are you a chocolate junkie too???

after this past week I am about ready to consume a few pounds....and a cold beer too.
Make a Dairy Farmer Happy and Drink your Milk
Make a Dairy Farmer Happy and Drink your Milk
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Lactose Free Sour Cream, Cream Cheese and Parmesan

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My husband is lactose intolerant. A real find for us has been Lactaid, enzyme lactase, which is used to make the Lactose free milk. They are drops that can be put into sour cream, milk, cans of creamed soup, etc. It has been wonderful for him and easier on me after all these years, married 39 years to be exact:) We live close to the Canadian border so I can pick them up at Wal Mart.
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dry curd cottage cheese I believe has virtually no lactose (I don't know how sensitive he is) but if you blend that with oil, salt, and lemon juice, you make something close to cream cheese!

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I am very lactose intolerant, even live culture yogurt causes pain and discomfort.


I have found that the use of Lactaid Milk is the best option. (

They make many lactose free dairy products by adding the enzyme lactase to the milk to break down the lactose into its two components Galactose and Sucrose which makes it easily digestible. You can use it just like regular milk, it has the same sugar content as its equivalent milk however it tastes slightly sweeter. After adding the enzyme and allowing it the time to break down the sugars they stop the process and this makes the milk actually last longer in the fridge than regular milk. You can make your own ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese etc with this product.


I have only seen one place with dairy free cream cheese but I haven't been able to find it locally ( until then ( I use these directions with Lactaid milk (Whole Milk with added calcium)... and she is right a sheet of linen for pillowcases strains much better than cheese cloth and is cheaper by far. I have still not found a method of making clotted cream.


Lactose as it is a water soluble sugar will have some presence in the water portion of milk, but the fats will for the most part be lactose free. For example hard or aged cheeses as well as butter will contain only very miniscule amounts of lactose and then a portion of that will be used by bacteria.


There are a few products that I have come across that I can eat without too much of a problem. Dove Dark Smooth Chocolates (only the smooth pieces or bars), there are vegan chocolates that are made without milk as well.

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my son is lactose intolerant and is very sensitive to any dairy(gets a stomach ache with every little bit), so ur statement is NOT 100%, just to let u know.

but u gave a lot of other good info.

thank you!

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My husband is lactose intolerant.  Lactose is a sugar.  If the nutrition information indicates 0 sugars it is probably ok to use unless he is very sensitive.  I have adopted this method of determining if ok for my husband for 4 years and so far so good.

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Thank you to everyone for all the advice!! My best friend is lactose intolerant and is going to be living with us soon. I'm 15 wks pregnant and cheese is my favorite anytime but lately I'm craving it!! I'm wanting to make a cheese cake but was very hesitant because my best friend has a huge sweet tooth but I also know it can make him sick. Now thanks to everyones input cheesecake will be happening ASAP!!
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when you do not want to make it yourself, look in the shops for tofutti brand. they have creamcheese. its soy based.

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Green Valley Organics makes lactose free yoghurt and sour cream.  BTW Organic Valley has recently released a lactose free half and half too.

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I want to make a cold beet juice drink with citric acid, salt, sugar and sour cream. Being lactose intolerant, I need to get that flavor combination again without spending hours in the bathroom. I thought that sour cream was very low in lactose?!?  Maybe I should grind up a bottle of Lactaid tablets and mix it all together?

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What is the sour cream component there for? Texture? Flavor? Perhaps there are alternatives to milk products that could give you the same result while avoiding lactose altogether. For instance, coconut milk and lemon juice could probably come close to sour cream and have no lactose.

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Green Valley makes lactose-free Cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt and Kefir.  The best know chain selling their products is Whole Foods.  They have a store finder on their web site.  I intend to try their products the next time I get to Whole Foods or Willie Street coop in Madison.

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