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I am looking to get cover for :-

1. Professional Indemnity of £1 million.
2. Public Liability of £5 million
3. Employer's Liability of £10 million.

Anyone think of extras that I might need and the best place to go ??
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Goodness fingerpie!

Professional indemnity of £1 million! Remind me not eat in *your* kitchen!
But I think you could try the PCG (Professional Chef's Group).
Their insurance provided particularly handy when I served some over-mature Double Gloucester and took out half the Tunbridge Wells WI.
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ta chefburd, what figures would u reckond ? I'm new to all this insurance thing, and trying to get a cheap quote.

At least you have claimed on the Chef's Group and had no issues
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I have the PCG 'Golden Spoon' package which is fairly comprehensive, and only costs $500 per year.

AFAIK, the PCG have only lost 3 cases, and two of these could have been averted if the parties had listened to the head chef. In the other, the defendant was blatantly caught with his todger in the sherry trifle.

I say don't be a fool - sign up now.
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