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Nice to meet all of you!I'm an Engineer in profession,I'm also a serious hobby chef /food taster in singapore.

I've great interest in food, both in tasting( remembering the taste and figuring out how it was being prepared) and preparing of food.

While food is a necessity in life, Great Crusine that pamper and tease palate, and presenting a whole new dimension of experience is a form of Art! My greatest respect to those chefs who has gone into this line,not just to make a living, but to present whole-heartedly his/her passion in artistic expression of culinary skills, from the choice of ingredients, to the preparation , till the presentation of each creation.

Hope to learn much more from you guys, and would like to contribute in every small ways to the benefits all forumers.

My other interests include:- collecting/using fine Japanese knives:- Hattori, Tojiro, Shun, Masamoto, Takeda, Watanebe etc..

Have a nice day!