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ravioli with lamb

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hi all
i was looking to ravioli ravioli with lamb as the filling and i want to put some kind of cheese in it but i dont know what kind will be the best and i need help before the end of the day
a big thanks for anyone that can help me
Big J
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Fresh ricotta, regianno, fresh mint, and black pepper!
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fresh spearmint, fontina cheese, Or stilton
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Ok, I'll do the usual! Feta or goat cheese mixed with a little ricotta, egg, garlic spices. Love the idea of using mint with this. Maybe some pine nuts as well? Walnuts would also be nice.

You could also do arugula, dried apricots, walnuts and lamb and mint and kalamata olives and then add some feta so that it's a more meaty filling.

Or you could completely spice it like mediterranean with allspice berries, cinnamon, cloves, garlic etc...and then you could add currants or a chutney with ricotta and almonds. (you could also go sweeter on this too).

You could also do an eggplant and or zucchini, tahini or garbonzo bean thing with the lamb...with parsley, rosemary, kalamatas and a sharp cheese.

But parmegiano-reggiano is also a classic and devilishly great too!
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Unless the lamb is of very poor quality, you don't need to cover
it up to much. I would probably roast the lamb off with carrots
celery, onion, and garlic. Perhaps deglace and reduce a little red
wine in the roasting pan, then grind or food process meat. Fold in
ricotta and parm, finish with mint and black pepper. You shouldn't
need the egg at all. If the lamb is mutton or of poor quality, by all
means try and mask it with other strong flavors.
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Very nice and classic Stephen!! Too often I forget and go for the overkill. Sometimes overkill is just that...overkill! :D
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hi guys
i went with feta,ricotta and mint and made a mushroom sauce to go with the ravioli
my friends said its was a great meal
needs a little tweaking to get it perfect but till then
thanks for the help
Big J
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Yum, mushroom sauce with it sounds tasty. Whether it be a cream sauce or a tomato-based one or whatever.
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