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Devil's Vodka Sauce

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What I used:

(2x) 28 oz. crushed tomatoes
(2x) 6 oz. tomato paste
~1/2 pint heavy cream
~1/4 Cup grated peccorino romano cheese
1 Tbsp dry oregano
1 Tbsp dry parsley
~2 Tbsp black pepper, coarsely ground
1/2 Cup fresh chopped basil
~3 oz. (2 shots) of vodka

Here we go!

Start the sauce with just the tomatoes, and spices. Once it heats up, stir in the cream, basil, cheese, and vodka.

NOTE: I've been making this sauce in different ways for about 5 years, trying to get it perfect, and this is my latest attempt. The fresh basil is what makes this sauce; dry will not do.

Anyone else have any good pink sauces/ vodka sauces they would like to share, or know of something that might improve mine? I'd love to hear it!
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1 lb fresh fettucini
2 - large lemons
8-oz heavy cream
4 Tbs vodka
1 tsp finely ground fresh pepper "melange" (see note)
1-inch piece of vanilla bean, slit, seeds extracted

Clean and grate the rind of one of the lemons and set aside. Remove the white pith from the lemon and section or cube the fruit into small pieces. Juice the second lemon and set aside.

Put the cream, vodka, lemon cubes, pepper and vanilla seeds and pod into a heavy, non-reactive saucepan or skillet and simmer until the sauce has thickened a bit.

Cook the pasta. Remove the sauce from the heat, remove the pieces of vanilla pod, stir in the remaining lemon juice and return the sauce to the heat for about a minute or two, stirring all the while. Add about 2 tsp. grated lemon rind, stir well and pour over the drained pasta. Serve in a heated serving dish.

NOTE: You can certainly add more lemon juice to the sauce if you prefer. The pepper "melange" is a blend of black, while, green and red peppercorns. You can probably do just as well with plain black or white pepper. Make sure the lemons are pitted. The vodka can be replaced with grappa or, if you wish, you can leave out all alcohol. The heavy, or whipping cream, can probably be replaced with half & half, but I've not tried that. I usually don't make cream sauces but I had some cream and lemons in the refer and thought about putting something together.

The origin of this recipe comes from the "Lemon Garden" restaurant in the town of Amalfi, in Italy, which is
well known for its lemons and summertime "lemon festival." The original recipe didn't use vodka, pepper or vanilla, but I got the idea to do so from some other source.

I've had this recipe since 1989, and although I rarely make it, it's always been a hit.

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I used some of the leftover vodka sauce in a meatloaf this weekend, with diced green pepper and onion, and it was fantastic!!!
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