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Knife Repair

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Hi all. It's been a while since I was here, it's nice to see some familiar names.

On to my dilemma. My stepson's theater group asked my wife if he could borrow a larger knife to use as a prop in his latest play. Instead of handing over one of the Chicago Cutlery, she gives out my vintage 12" Sabatier carbon steel chef's knife. :mad:

I get the knife back damaged. The handle is cracked around the center rivet, which I think I can live with. However, the blade and the handle are no longer in line. If I place the handle down on the counter, I can slide the tip of my index finger under the point of the blade. Flip the knife over, and my finger slides under to about the second joint.

So besides using the knife one last time, and then going to jail, is this repairable? I don't see any cracks in the steel. Or should I just retire this knife and start looking for a replacement? Thanks all.
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Yes, it's reparable. But it's expensive if you want the same knife back.

Sabatier would probably just replace it with a current knife. Which it doesn't sound like you want.

There are a number of craftsmen who could do the repair but their time isn't cheap. And finding one isn't easy either. But if you're committed to this knife, I'll give you some pointers later.

You could probably repair it yourself with new scales and rivets from Texas Knifemaker's Supply: The Complete Source of Knife Making Supplies! You'll have to shape, attach and peen the rivets. You'll need power tools to shape the scales.

So I think you're better off buying a new one.
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Try D & R Sharpening Solutions or The Epicurean Edge: Japanese and European professional chefs knives. I haven't used them yet, but I've seen nothing but praises for their work on several other forums.
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If Sabatier made the same knife, it would be an easy solution. I may end up looking for one on Ebay or something.
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How handy are you in the workshop?

You can get copper rivets, one source that I know of is Lee Valley, and you can make your own new wood handles, or scales, as they are called.
I have done this for a few of my knives. It's alot of work, but it is rewarding in it's own little way.....
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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I second dave at dr and dan at EE they have both done work for me and it has been top notch !
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Part of your problem is that "Sabatier" isn't a company. It used to be more like a guild.

Regrettably, it's now a rather meaningless marketing term, used for anything from a quality French knife made "the old way," to stamped out crap from China in a fancy package.

Maybe you should re-consider the homicide option. If you manage to get a chef on your jury, you'll surely be acquitted. :blush:
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:lol: Well, I'm certainly PO'd, but not quite that much, I guess. Actually, the idea of replacing the handles gave me a thought. If I replace the handles, in the process I would be down to the bare steel. At that point, it would be easier to straighten the blade, right? Does anyone know how likely it would be to snap or be seriously weakened?
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Contact this knifemaking supply house. They'll probably know where to direct you for repairs.

Best and I'm a foodie.   I know very little but the little that I know I want to know very well.



Brot und Wein
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Best and I'm a foodie.   I know very little but the little that I know I want to know very well.



Brot und Wein
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I have cooked for 60 years...My oldest knife goes back to

my grandfather, born l888 in Egert, Hungary...Before

WORLD WAR I...Still hand sharpened....

  Now as to your problem...Make sure you install

a lock on the knife drawer as it WILL happen again!

  Is the blade and tang bent in a bow?

If so, it will have to be heated to flatten it out...

...Also, if you wish, I can mail you an elk or deer

horn handle that can be fitted on the tang...Let me

know..You can have it for free..................

  I would also look up the manufacturer and see

if they will repair it for you....

  Sometimes they will actually repair the item...

rsvp if interested in deer or elk horn....


vietnam vet.............friday june 20th, 2014

18oo hrs zulu

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