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Ice Cream Making Machines

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Having recently gotten a simple and satisfactory recipe and technique for making vanilla ice cream (Thank you Alton Brown), I'd like to try my hand at making home made ice cream once again. I used to have a Dovier ice cream maker, and would like to find something to replace it. Requirements are compact size, durability, and something that's reasonably priced. Any suggestions?

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I have two Rival machines. One was a gift and I have no clue how old it is. The other I purchased from Walmart about 2 years ago for around $30. They are the type you put ice and salt around the churn. I really like using mine. I don't like hard ice cream so the soft serve I can make with them is perfect!

HTH! I don't know anything about those that do all the work for you.
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Do you have a KitchenAid Mixer, those attachments have got good reviews on several forums.
You need to have freezer room to freeze them before starting the ice cream.
Watch Amazon.com and Chef's catalog for prices.
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No, no Kitchen Aid mixer. Freezer space here can sometimes be very tight. I'd have to plan ahead for any ice cream were I to use a machine that needs to have the bowl in the freezer, not that that's a bad thing - it'll force me to clean out the soup bones :lol:

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here too, have the KitchenAid, but not the freezer space. And not enough space in my jeans to allow an ice cream maker in the house!!
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Sorry, can't help, also have the Kitchen Aid and love it!

But here's a very low cal recipe for great soft serve ice cream that will not put a crimp in your jeans:
*1/2 cup whole milk
*1/4 cup eggbeaters
*1c yogurt (I use Dannon Light and Fit)
*1/8 cup granulated Splenda for Baking
*1/2 cup powdered no cal Splenda
*1 t vanilla

This is a vanilla recipe, but the Dannon Light and Fit comes in many flavors. I generally chop up some fresh fruit when I use a flavor, such as peaches, strawberries, etc. Calories and fat are minimal in comparison to regular ice cream.
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I have one of those little Cuisinart ice-cream makers. Cost $39 a couple of years ago. You keep the bowl in the freezer until you're ready to use it or freeze it for a time before use. The machine itself is compact and I've been very happy with its output. No ice or salt or churning. All electric and then you stick the "soft serve" in the freezer to ripen and harden.
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