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Quick help, bread!

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I made up some basil and garlic bread and it's in the loaf pans rising for the second time now. Can I add some shredded mozzarella cheese to the tops of the loaves?
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It depends on what you are looking for with it? If you want it to go golden and look kinda like the stringy designs on boboli crusts - sure! Go for it! If you want gooey cheese bread then I would slice it and toast it lighly then add it.

Or if you must have it over the top, then add the cheese in the last five to 8 minutes so it will still look like melted cheese!
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I'm thinking add it in the last few minutes. I just want it melted on top. This is a totally new recipe so I have no clue if we'll even like the bread anyway. I had sweet basil needing to be used so figured I'd give it a go.

Thank you!!
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cheese on/in bread rolls

These rolls have cheese in the dough also on top, the cheese went on the top when the rolls went in the oven, qahtan

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qahtan those look beautiful! Would you by any chance share your recipe? Purty please???

allie your recipe sounds yummy! Will you let us know how it goes??!!! :D
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qahtan, those look delicious!

The bread tasted really, really good. My kids pretty much ate a whole loaf last night and this morning. lol The bottom was browned almost to the point of burning but the top didn't brown at all and it was really dense inside. I may not have let it rise enough the second time or maybe should have placed a baking sheet on the lower rack and cooked it longer? This is only my 3rd attempt at making homemade bread so I'm still learning!
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My cheese breads,

I really don't have any special recipe, I just use my same basic white bread and add things to it, with the cheese I added Asiago and parmesan to the dough, and a good grating of cheddar over top.
Do not roll your dough out and sprinkle cheese or.... on top and roll it up like a jelly roll, or when it is baked it will all separate.
If you have one good white loaf that you can make with ease try adding stuff to it, or swap some of the white flour for a bit of whole wheat or multigrain add a tiny amount of malt, or add raisins and a tad more sugar.

;-)))) qahtan
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