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Humus MENU

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Hi guys, I'm Deb...just posted my introduction and now I have a question.

I ordered 6/#10 cans of garbonzo beans. What I got was 6/#10 cans of garbonzo beans HUMUS style. Now I haven't opened them yet, but my guess is they are gonna be "mushy" (for lack of a better word)

So, I've searched for a humus idea, as we do have several vegetarians that I'm sure would love me if I came up with a menu using humus.

All I can find out there in internet land is the recipe to MAKE humus, which I'm assuming I already have.

Now I just need to know what can I do with it?

Any ideas you have with be greatly appreciated.

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My guess is that you have pure garbanzo beans that have already been mashed up therefore "humous style". The ingredients list on the cans should be the clue. If it lists stuff like Tahini, garlic, salt, pepper, etc. Then you have hummous in a can.

If it were me, I'd make a bunch of hummous out of it. You'll need Tahini which is like peanut butter except made with sesame seeds. You can get raw Tahini where the seeds were ground up raw, or, my preference, get Tahini made from slightly roasted sesame seeds. Much tastier in IMO.

You'll need fresh garlic, which it helps to process first, then add your hummous style garbanzo beans while continuing to process. Then add some Tahini. About 1/4 C per 12 oz can (minus half the juice). You do the math.

Then you'll need some EVOO and some fresh lemon juice. Maybe add some water to get the consistency of paste that you're looking for. It shouldn't be too thick, but definitely NOT runny. Then season with S&P, maybe some cumin and/or cayenne to give it a little kick.

It's traditionally served on a large platter, spread out, with more EVOO and lemon juice drizzled over it. It can be sprinkled with paprika and decorated with black olives. Don't care much for green olives when eating hummous but thats a personal choice. THere are a lot of ways to make the dish commonly referred to as Hummous.

Note: Someone pointed out that the Arabic word for garbanzo beans IS hummous! Technically speaking, the recipe above is called "hummous bi tahini". I've had it twice in my life without the tahini and I definitely missed the tahini part.

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I had a hard time finding tahini in my area and made it without it. YUCK! Finally, I was in a store with more ethnic ingredients and asked an associate if they carried it. Surprisingly, it was with the pickles! I bought a good sized jar of it and have made hummus a few times. YUM! My daughter and I love it with pita chips.

As for a menu, maybe serve it as an appetizer?
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Thanks Doc,

Now I know what to add to it to get the right taste (of course I've never had it and have no idea what Tahini is, but I know and love garlic, so I should get that taste right.

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Thank you Allie,

I was hoping that I could make a menu around it, or include it in a traditional menu.

I know it has a home in the cafeteria somewhere, but unfortunatly (thank God) we don't serve appetizers. We have a hot food line, grill, Mexican line, Pizza line and a salad bar so I was looking for something that I could fit the hummus into. Hummus pizza??

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Hummus will go well with salads. A while back there was a rather long thread here about hummus which included a number of recipes. Do a search on hummus and see what turns up. Also, Rachel Ray put together a garbanzo bean thing (which I've not tried yet) that might be applicable in your situation in that it doesn't require tahini.

Lemon-Garlic Chick Pea Dip with Veggies and Chips
Recipe courtesy Rachael Ray

1 (15-ounce) can chick peas, drained
1 clove garlic, cracked from skin
1 lemon, zested and juiced
4 to 5 sprigs fresh thyme leaves, stripped from stems
Coarse salt and pepper
A few drops hot sauce, to taste
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil eyeball it
4 ribs celery from the heart cut into dipping sticks, 4 inches
1/2 seedless cucumber, cut into sticks
1 red bell pepper, trimmed and cut into sticks
1/2 pint grape tomatoes
1 sack reduced fat gourmet chips (recommended: Terra brand
Garlic and Onion Yukon Gold flavor potato chips (50 percent
less fat than regular chips))

Combine the chick peas, garlic, lemon zest and juice, thyme,
salt and pepper and hot sauce in food processor. Turn
processor on and stream in the extra-virgin olive oil.
Transfer the dip t a dish and surround with veggies and chips.
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