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Cast Iron Grill Pans

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Just caught up on some of the posts that I havent read for some time now. Im really busy at the restaurant/bakery (I own now two years) I just started dinners in Oct for the first time in the history of the building. So there is not alot of time to have fun at Chef Talk, sorry to say. Here I am tonight during a slow time of the month. I just read through the posts about the steaks and the "after taste etc". I have to use a cast iron grill pan, as I do not have a grill. I am getting a great steak off of it. First I buy 1-1/2" plus Delmonicos.
and its sooo marbled that I dont have to do anything to it. Now the downfall to this is that I cannot do to many at a time. Problem! We are not in our busy season, yet. The other scarry thing --I have only 4 burners and a 4 burner griddle top. Hence, 4 at a time. ugh! Dont like searing and finishing in oven. The time they stay of the griddle developes a dark dark sear and a great taste. I think the cast iron grill pans are wonderful if you dont have a grill. Id like to see your comments. W
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how big are your grill pans? can't you put more than one on a pan?
I love, love my cast iron grill pan!
I only use mine at home, at work I do 15-20 steaks at a time, so do it outdoors.
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If you have a flat top burner you could finish it on there. I don't see why not finish it in the oven. Searing it will lock the juices in and actually can make for a nice juicy steak.
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Ten+ years ago, when I did my externship at Le Bernardin, they didn't have a grill either. But Grilled Salmon was on the menu. So they marked off a bunch in cast-iron grill pans, quick-chilled them, and then finished them in the oven to order. If it was good enough for a 4-star NYC restaurant, you shouldn't feel bad doing it. ;)

Now that I only cook at home, I love love love my grill pan!!!!!! I can't cook outdoors, so this is the closest I can come, and it's pretty darn great. The thing about cast iron is you can get it super-hot and get that wonderful, delicious marking. Any cooking after that is just so that the customer doesn't have to eat beautifully marked but raw meat. :lol:
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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