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Moo Mixer

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Just when you think you've seen it all!
Amazing! :lol:

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I never think I've seen it all ... :smiles:

This morning I was thinking about a set of nut crakers that my folks had. They were in the form of shapely women's legs, and you'd place the nuts up in the crotch of the cracker and squeeze the legs together - ouch!

I'd love to find one or two nut crackers like that.

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Ah, but you can Shel!
Look, there's one going on ebay cheap cheap! only GBP 1.99.. That's not quite 5 bux US.. And... there's only 1 bidder so far! :bounce:

eBay: LADIES LEGS BRASS NUTCRACKERS (item 120141228025 end time Jul-18-07 22:44:15 PDT)
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Thanks for the link ... after my post I poked around and found that these things aren't so rare after all. The pair listed on eBay is pretty nice ...

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