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tempering chocolate

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today i tempered chocolate to try to make my own chocolate covered gummy bears (i love them).

i first melted the chocolate (chocolate chips... i know most people use highest quality... i'm cheap :D ) using a double boiler (bain-marie)... i heated it to 105 F then i took it off the heat and added a chunk of tempered chocolate and stirred and waited till the mixture reached 92 F to start coating my gummy bears.

The sheen was just right but i found the chocolate coating way too thick so i only dipped them rather then completly covering them in chocolate... my question is can i add cream to make my choclate tempered coating easier to work with... would cream ruin it... also when should i add the cream at the very start?
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I f you add cream to choclate you will make Ganache, it is used for icing cakes and cookies.
any questions about choclate can best be sumed up here Cook's Thesaurus: Chocolate

choclate chip should never be used for coating as they hold their shape when you microwave them , not enough cocobutter . tempered chocolate is when you have the chocolate at 86 to 89 degrees higher tempeture the chocolate will not set.
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thank you

but do yu have any suggestions on how to make tempered chocolate more liquidy.... so that it will conform to the shape that is being coated
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the only way to thin it would be to use cocoa butter. but instead of all that, use a better quality chocolate like callebeaut you will be much happier with the results and an average quality callebeaut doesn't cost too much more per 100gm then bakers or chips.
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I will try that chocolate
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