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Using a pizza stone

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Was just wondering if anyone could clue me in on how to properly use a pizza stone to cook pizza and how to care for it properly in the meanwhile? :chef:
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I love using my pizza stone. Make sure to preheat the oven very well, with the stone in it, before using. Put your pizza on a paddle to transfer it to the pizza stone.
When you are done, do not wash the stone. If there is any moisture in the stone, it will crack when it gets hot (I have already lost one this way).
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First, put your stone in the oven, pre-heat the oven & the stone, meanwhile, using a metal pizza pan turn your pizza dough out on parchment, shape, top ,then transfer to the stone (using the parchemnt) bake, turning as needed, when done slide off parchment on to metal pan (I cut with a electric knife, it works great)
Overnight cool your stone (can do this in the oven), next day rinse & scrub with hot water, don't use soap, soap will absorb into the stone, your food will taste nasty
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Thanks for the great advice guys! I'm so glad I asked....had no idea you had to preheat it with the oven! :blush:

I can't wait to make my first homemade pizza! :chef:
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Yeah if you don't preheat it in the oven the rapid change in temperature will often crack the stone.

Also, if you don't want to shell out the $20 for a piece of stone there's nothing wrong in using an unglazed quarry stone. Can pick one up for only 99 cents and is typically a lot more surface area to work with than your typical 12" pizza stone.
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Let us know how your first pizza turns out :roll:
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