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Chocolate dipping problem

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I know this is not exactly rocket science but I made some chocolate dipped pretzel rods for party favors (dipped the pretzel rods in melted chocolate and then in various decorative candies).

Situation: After dipping and decorating I put them in the refridge to cool them down.

Problem: 5 hours after they were completed the chocolate didn't harden and is soft at room temperature. They smear all over the inside of the mylar bags that I intended to wrap them up in.

Suspicion: I think the chocolate was not tempered properly and so it didn't set up correctly.

Side fact: I have worked with chocolate before and never really had a tempering problem.

Questions: 1) What did I do wrong? 2) Is there any salvation for these 100 pretzel rods or is it a matter of eating a whole lot of pretzels and starting again?

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what kind of chocolate were you using? if you were using packaged chocolate chips, it has stabilizers to keep it in chip form and is not recommended for applications such as dipping or candy making.

when using chocolate to coat candies such as what you're doing, you have to buy a high quality couveture chocolate but that would mean you have to temper it, and if you don't have that experience doing it, i dont recommend spending the money on such an expensive chocolate. properly tempered chocolate does not need to be refrigerated to harden, it will harden on its own and be shiny. once you put it in the fridge and take it out, the moisture will bead up on the surface and cause it to become moist, therefore somewhat melting the chocolate.

in your case, when you chilled your chocolate dipped pretzels, it would need to be consumed right out of the fridge so the chocolate doesnt "sweat". you probably just took it from a cold environment and left it at room temperature, therefore causing it to sweat and melt. i hope this clarifies your chocolate situation...
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your chocolate should not be hot while dipping,and don't put it in the refrigerator for a long period of time.
The person above me is correct. Find a good coating chocolate to use for dipping.
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Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated.

We salvaged the rods but you all hit the nails on the head. When I have worked with chocolate in the past I used those melting wafers (Merkens?) but my wife went at this project on her own and she used chocolate chips and bad refrigerator hardening technique.

We are in good shape now and won't make that mistake again.

Thanks again,
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Does anyone have a suggestion of good ways to dip items into chocolate when you want to coat them? I have had bad luck with tooth picks-- the tooth pick will slip out too often, leaving the item in the chocolate. The things i have had the most problems with are oreo balls. I have started to use tongs but I wonder if there is another device out there I should try?
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They make special dipping forks and dipping rings just for chocolate dipping. Ateco makes some that are easily available in craft stores.
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Thanks! I'll keep an eye out. Maybe I'll try those wire things that you use for dying easter eggs...
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an easy way of creating your own dipping fork is to use a really cheap fork (not plastic!), just bend the two middle tines backwards so it lines up w/ the handle. voila! instant chocolate fork.
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