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Cake Mix to Muffins

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I have been given a huge assortment of cake mixes, which I have no need for; but I do have a market for jumbo muffins.

Does anyone know of a conversion for cake mixes that would give me a muffin texture?

Thanking you all in advance.............
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Trying to reach back into the past to find you an answer was really dangerous.:rolleyes: But It seems to me that there is not all too much difference between cake and muffin batters. From scratch was the way I usually did my batters and maybe an egg or two difference, depending on the added ingredients for binding and every once in a while I blended AP with Cake flour and/or cornstarch but that was about it.

Since you're using boxed mixes I think they're pretty much "fool proof" to begin with so just mix per directions add your extra's and fill the tins as you normally would. Maybe someone with more recent experience in this (8yrs since I did any real serious baking) could provide more help.

Good luck.
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Check this out. You might find something you like..

cake mix muffins recipe | cake mix muffin recipes | cake mixes
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Cake Mix magic is a good book for this!
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