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New School In Tarn, France

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I have just been on a day cooking class at Bonne Bouffe in the Tarn in south west France.

Bonne Bouffe Cooking School, Tarn, South West France

It was a reginol course and I learned so much.

I know he does weekly and 4 day courses as well.

I reccomend this course to anyone who is comming to south west France.

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Bonne Bouffe Cookery school, Tarn, France

Really glad you enjoyed your time cooking at Bonne Bouffe

Please come again soon
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Thank You

I speak french but I am wondering for other users of this forum who doesn't if classes are in english and/or in french ?

Reservation System for Cooking Schools
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Bonne Bouffe Cooking School

All classes are in English and are for all levels of ability
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Good to know...:roll:
There is nothing like a weekend off!
There is nothing like a weekend off!
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Food fit for Gorden Ramsey

Bonne Bouffe Cooking Holidays in France
Just finished a course, the culinary skills and expertise was superb also got to eat the food with good wine and company
Thoroughly recommended
Thanks for a grate time
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Bonne Bouffe Cookery School, Tarn, SW France

Thanks Neil, we really enjoyed having you with us. Congratulations on being our 100th student, hope to see you again soon.

Happy cooking!

cooking at bonne bouffe
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