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problems with finding a job

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This is putting a little bit more information out here than what I would like, but I am having problems finding a job. I need to know if there is something I can do to help myself.

I have almost no experience in a kitchen, other than working in pizza places. I have two weeks left of culinary school here in Las Vegas. I also have a criminal record, and sorry to say, it is was a sex crime. It was about 10 years ago. I haven't gotten in to any trouble since then, and have turned my life around. I have filled out lots of applications, and have only had a couple of interviews (none with chefs, only HR). I have called on a couple and they said that they dont have a application from me. I have gone to career services at my school to help me, and have given me some leads. But there was one instance where I felt that I wasnt being told the whole story about a place I sent an application. I am starting to get a little angry, and frustrated. I have to have an extern site within two weeks.

When you are looking at potential employees. how much does a person history play a part in it? Do you judge a person on their ability to cook, who they are now, or who they were then?

I now have a family to take care of, and spent $41,000 to go to this school. If there is any peace of mind or hints you can give me, I would appreciate it, especially if you are in Vegas.

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I dont know about your school but mine had externship sites come and interview. i would think you school would be help full when finding a site but idk.
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Is there someone that can write a letter of recommendation for you, someone who can vouch that you have done everything right for the last ten years? Just a thought.

I wish you luck in your search, I personally believe that everyone deserve a second chance.
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My school was pretty good about placing people in externships all over the country. I'd think Vegas would have a ton of options.

While I believe in second chances too, my female employees and waitresses would probably give me considerable grief were I to hire someone I knew to have a similar record.

Almost every job I've ever gotten was through word of mouth, same with a good portion of cooks I've hired. There is always a grapevine, use it to your advantage.
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Restaurant people tend to have a favorite place where they hang out when they're off. See if you can find one in your area and then go there. If they see you around a few times, they will start talking to you. If they get to like you, they will look out for openings for you. Employee recommendations usually go a long way with the people who are hiring. You also may want to print up some cards with your name and number on them. Go around to a few places where you would like to work, maybe have lunch or something to drink (go during an off time) and ask if the manager could talk to you for a moment. Explain that you are coming out of school soon and are looking for work. Give them your card. Be polite, make a few comments about things you like about the place and maybe why you would like to work in their place. Good luck.
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Got a job!!!!!

:roll:I took all you advise to heart, and went out and got a job. I went into a place and talked to the chef, and explained everything to him. I told him I just need a chance to prove myself, not on my past but what I can do now. He asked me to make him a dish for him, and I did. He loved it, and offered me a job on the spot. Thanks for all you advice, it really helped.
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GOOD LUCK ! to you.
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Congratulations and best of luck to you.
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