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Well, I did it.

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I know awhile back I posted regarding a job offer I had to go corporate. All of the advice was well received and after taking all your thoughts into consideration I decided to pass on the job. Well, that was about four months ago...
So, I thought to myself, "Self, what do you want to do with your life?" And I decided to enroll at the University of Massachusetts for a dual degree: an MBA and MS in Hospitality Management. I asked for all kinds of special favors of the departments and they were so kind, and willing to accept my application WAY past the deadline. Then, the corporate job came back and offered more money, benefits, and half pay through my time in school if I was willing to postpone school for one year to get their new operation up and running. Then after school they want me to open ten more in New England.

So, it has happened... I took the job and am no longer a chef. I am now a GM and senior manager of a regional hotel group. I wonder, does this mean have to find a website called gmtalk.com? I think I would not like that forum like I like this one.

Thanks to everyone for their advice.
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Congratulations. It seems like anytime someone does what's best for them, it always works out better later on.
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Wow, what a different world

So, after a week working in my new job I am suprised by how little work people do in the "real" world!

I am used to 16 hour days of non-stop work, work, work. Hot work, hauling heavy things around and getting burned. I am used to volitile cooks and servers who are ready to go off on anyone at any time. I am used to... well, you all know what I am used to.

My new day...

I get to work at 9:00 am, it is OK if I am late. Seems like 9:00 might mean 10:00. That is wierd! Then I spend about an hour casualy reviewing my notes from the preivious day and getting a game plan for the day together. This is expected! It is not that I am being lazy. Then I schedule my meetings for the day. For instance: today I have a 2:00 meeting to clean out the walk - ins. Seriously! This requires a meeting! And at 4:00 I need to meet with a suplier of steel for an addition we are building. This makes no sense because I know nothing about construction or steel, however I have been asked to handle the meeting. I am taking the General Contractor with me, but still! In about an hour I am going to head over to the kitchen and cook lunch for the senior managment: president, execs and so forth. I am one of these senior managers, so it is considered polite that we take turns cooking lunch for each other. Today is my day. That takes an hour because I need to make it VERY nice since I am the only chef around, they expect my food to be bnetter than theirs. Because they only cook Indian food, when I cook it is considered a special treat!

So... it is 10:00... I will cook at 11:00, serve lunch at 12:00.. we will eat untill 1:00. Meeting at 2:00 which will take a couple of hours to clean the walk - ins, and meeting at 4:00, for which I must leave at 3:30. That means I have from now untill 11:00 to get some work done and from 1:00 untill 2:00. Meetings do not feel like work to me!

Then... and this just beats all... I am done at 5:00! Seriously! That is my day. For this I am paid more money! Wow!
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your post reminds me of my first week personal cheffing.....CFO of A-B brewery's home. Magnificant kitchen.....HUGE picture windows that overlook a gorgeous area with wild turkeys etc wandering through. Being able to cook during school hours, shop/cook/clean between 8:30am-2:30pm.....leave when I'm done, make within their palates what I want! AND the kicker, get paid well.
I still do it on Monday's for a priest as a way to get health insurence....still the best game in town.
Well and then there's consulting, where people pay you to talk about what you know......this is really cool!
And then of course stage directing, but that's really work but with interesting chefs from all over the country. The wine country guys are really fun to work with......

Hope you don't get bored.....sounds like a primo position.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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